Sunday, 18 August 2013

Level 210

At first you look at this, and think the way to clear all that jelly is to match stripes and wrapped candy and swipe across it bit by bit, and to match some of those rainbows with stripes for even more destruction. Then you try it, and keep running out of moves - 30 isn't a lot to clear such a large area.

But once you realize the trick, it's not so hard after all. Just work one of the upper rainbows all the way down to the bottom, and match two rainbows. This will clear all of the licorice on the right (and everything on the left too), and then you'll have regular candy to match and clear, and you're done! Quite simple, really.

It helps to look at the initial positions before starting to ensure you've got some good matches that can help drop the rainbows as quickly as possible before you can progress to the next part of clearing the jelly.

Difficulty: 10 if you don't know the trick
Frustration: 7
Tease: 7

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